SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is a common term in the web space especially for security and website optimization. The SSL certificate is needed for any individual or business that runs a website that receives, transmit, and contains sensitive information.

Due to the activities of individuals with malicious intentions in the web space, it is really important to secure information collected and transmitted through places like ecommerce sites and other sites that require privacy and protection of visitors’ information. It is a highly recommended for individuals that want to do business online. Without further ado, here are 5 advantages of having SSL Certificate:

It Encrypts Sensitive Data

When information is sent across the internet, it passes through some computers before getting to the final destination. There is need to make this information unreadable for individuals that do not need to access it and SSL certificate will take care of that. Encryption is all about securing sensitive information by making it unreadable for individuals that are not permitted to read it. By encoding data, SSL Certificates relays it to your website without compromise.

It Ensures That Information Goes To Where It Is Intended To Go

SSL certificates authenticates websites and makes sure that any information that is sent to the website gets to it without being hijacked by malicious individuals in the cyber space. It ensures that there is a secured link between communicating browsers and eliminate chances of scammers ripping off customers. There is an ‘s’ after the ‘http’ in the web address of a secured website so that customers can be sure of when they are communicating with your secured business website.

It Meets The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Standards

For those that run ecommerce business and other websites that accept card payment through the internet, there is need to secure the website and the Payment Card Industry stipulates that such businesses and individual secure their site through SSL Certificate. The certificate inserts 180-bits of encryption which is an acceptable industry standard to ensure the security of card holders. Without an SSL Certificate, there is no way you can process credit card payments.

It Secures The Confidence And Trust Of Your Customers

With so many cyber criminals looking for victims through different means, customers prefer to deal with businesses that will secure their personal information and help them eliminate the risk of loss as a result of shopping or transacting online. Without an SSL Certificate, customers will not trust your business and any slight hiccup will make them flee. Once you have SSL Certificate and treat your customers honestly, you can be sure of doing further business and enjoying the opportunity of transacting through the internet. Without it, your business will suffer.

It Improves SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any business that operates in the internet. It is through this that more customers will see your site as people generally use search engines like google to search for information. SSL Certificate plays an important role in improving SEO. When you are on the good side of search engines, you can be sure of more traffic for your site and that is how sales improves too.

There you have it! Above are some of the importance of SSL Certificate. With an SSL Certificate, your website/internet business will be viewed as the trusted entity it is, and this is how business growth comes about.

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