Over the past few weeks we decided to give our partner site Premium WP Hosting a well deserved makeover. The last time last time we gave Premium WP Hosting a makeover was nearly two years ago.


Here’s some features the new Premium WP Hosting supports:

Automated hosting account creations
Automated domain registrations
Automated billing & product renewals
Live support chat
PayPal integration for payments
Client management system

Features to come:

Credit card payments
Customisable product packages
Australian domain registrations
Dedicated server rentals

The Premium WP Hosting website is currently still being worked and will not be completely finished for another two weeks.

We also have a Premium WP Hosting coupon for those wanting some quality website hosting. This coupon will save you 15% for life! Yes that’s right, LIFE! As long as you are hosted with us you will save 15%.